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11320 State Route 9
Champlain, NY, 12919
Stephanie A. Brown, President & CEO



Although many of our customers are large multi-national corporations, individual accounts are more than welcome to have us act as their U.S. receiving address for letter-mail, small parcels, or pallets. This can be on a one time or repeat basis.
NOTE: IT IS NECESSARY TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT IN ADVANCE IF YOU WILL BE RECEIVING MAIL OR PARCELS BY THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) AS COMPARED TO UPS OR FEDEX. THE POST OFFICE REQUIRES THAT A PS Form 1583 (click here for a sample) be on file upon receipt of any items addressed to 11320 STATE RTE. 9 on your behalf or the items will be returned to the sender. The address must include a personalized number which will be assigned by Freeport upon receipt of your original form.
Just follow the simple instructions found below and you can begin ordering and receiving immediately. It is not necessary to notify us or open an account beforehand for UPS or FedEx shippments. We also receive and provide storage for automobiles and motorcycles on a regular basis in order to allow compliance with US Customs and Border Protection's motor vehicle exportation requirements.

Instructions for receiving your goods at
Freeport Forwarding

Please read carefully, follow exactly, and call us if you have any questions. When ordering goods or receiving mail from a U.S. location, the receivers name (you) must appear in the address on the outside of the parcel or envelope as if the item were to be received by you. This is the most frequent reason for lost or non-traceable items.

DO NOT address the parcel or letter to Freeport Forwarding as we will not know who the item belongs to. When this occurs it will be necessary for us to open packages to determine ownership. If possible, ask the shipper (the person sending the parcel to you) to include your phone number on the address label.


Your name is Jean Legault and you live in Montreal, Qc. and your daytime phone number is 514-932-0000, and you have purchased an item on eBay (or anywhere else) and wish to have it sent to us in New York. The shipping label or envelope should appear as follows:
NOTE: A personalized number will be required for United States Postal Service (USPS) delivered packages or letters.

Jean Legault ←(your name)
11320 State Rt 9 #___ ←(your personalized number)
Champlain, NY 12919

When shipping parcels to Freeport Forwarding, please obtain the tracking information of the transport company (UPS, FedEx, etc.) that will be delivering your parcel and you may then track your parcel on line at their website before calling us.

Please note that when shipping with the USPS (post office) tracking information is very unreliable. Delivery confirmation will only show that the parcel has arrived at the Champlain, NY post office and not our warehouse. UPS is the preferred method of shipping.

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Delivery to Montreal

Coming Soon we will be able to arrange delivery to Montreal with Transport FreeTrek. Call us at 866-314-3680

Here is how it will work.

Since we don’t know the contents of the box, we will arrange the paperwork so that you are the importer of record. We will then quote to you the import duties, taxes, and transportation fee. We will either mail or email you the forms you need to sign. Once we have received the correct paperwork we will arrange for your packages to be delivered to a bonded warehouse in Montreal. We will then contact you and you can come and pick up your package. In order to pick up your package you will need to show identification, pay all import duties and taxes, and a small fee for transportation. The transportation fee will vary depending on size and weight and all of the above will be quoted to you prior to your agreement to use us to ship your product.


Ever had a transaction rejected when you selected shipping to Canada?
Ever had the price change when you selected shipping to Canada?
Ever had a US transaction rejected because the credit card didn’t match the shipping address?
Ever wait a long time to cross the border?

Well, shop freely from now on: (Call us at 877-229-3389)

Buy Anything from the United States

Coming soon, you will be able to call our service center in the US, point them to any website, and to any product on that website, and we will purchase that product for you at US Dollar prices. Prior to the purchase, we will quote you the import duties, taxes, and delivery charges. The transportation fee will vary depending on the size, weight and initial shipping point. No additional brokerage fees will be added. You will know the full cost before you order your product. We will then send you an order confirmation via email/mail to which you must respond, agreeing to the purchase. We will then charge your credit card, purchase the product, and have it delivered promptly to an easily accessible bonded warehouse in Montreal. You will then need to come to the bonded warehouse, show proper identification, check that your product is ok, provide the same credit card to now pay for the duties and taxes, sign the paperwork, and simply take your merchandise with you!